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Some things have probably changed since you graduated—maybe there are new buildings, or some of your old stomping grounds have been renovated and look different. The landscape changes over the years, but the feel of family and community remains at UWA. These changes are part of growth and improvement, and we want you to be part of the process. Providing us your information does not mean you’ll receive hundreds of emails and postcards, but it does get you one step closer to reconnecting with all the things you love about your alma mater.

Be Active

Your graduation day does not have to be your last memory of Livingston. From area chapter gatherings to golf tournaments, tailgating, and Homecoming, you are still a vital part of the University. Follow our events calendar and register for an upcoming event. We promise that you will not be disappointed.

Upcoming Events

Scholarships / Fellowships

More than 80% of our students receive financial aid in some form.

And still the need is greater. Your gift helps ensure that a worthy student is never denied an education for lack of money.

  • Provide scholarships to support graduate and undergraduate growth
  • Create assistantships and fellowships
  • Support future generations of UWA Alumni


2018 Alumni Scholarship Application

Fine Arts

The Arts are essential to any education. By supporting the Annual Fund, you help enrich the diversity of experiences and opportunities available on campus and in our community.

  • Bring the arts, lecture series, and other programs to the community
  • Help promote the cultural growth of UWA students



We love our Tigers! Our athletic teams are an important part of the UWA experience. For student athletes, the courts and fields are where lifetime friendships and bonds are forged and valuable life skills are honed. For many non-athletes, cheering for the Tigers is at the core of the social experience and school spirit. Supporting athletics helps ensure that athletic programs play an important part of every student’s experience and that the camaraderie carries on for alumni.


Black Belt Community / Economic Development

UWA is the most valuable asset in the region. The work we do drives the economic and cultural prospects of this corner of Alabama. More than ever, the University is the path to a brighter future for the Black Belt.

Support economic development throughout the region

Show Your Support

The 1835 Club

  Every year, we count on the faithful support of a special group of alumni and supporters. The 1835 Club, named for the year of the University’s founding, comprises donors who give as little as $18.35 a month to ensure that we continue to make impact the lives of our students and in our community.    

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